Super Mario Galaxy

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Super Mario Galaxy is a video game by Nintendo. The game is for the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy is very different from older Mario games, and has some new gameplay in it. It also displays some of the Wii's best graphics.

Averyone can play Super Mario. Kids, Teenagers….
Well you can now play Super Mario online.
We can play Super Mario on DS Light, online, on Wii, on XBox and on PlayStation…….


Bowser has captured Princess Peach again, this time using a surprise attack over the so-called Mushroom Kingdom, with a battle fleet of flying boats by pulling the castle out of its foundation. Mario barely grasps onto the dug out piece of Earth, but is knocked off by one of Bowser's allies. He drifts out into intergalactic space, unconscious.


In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario can do a Star Spin attack, and can jump from planet to planet. The creator of the Mario games, Shigeru Miyamoto, is the director of this game, and gave Mario moves he has never had before.

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