Balloon Towers 3

Tips: start of with using the smaller monkey and build up thier strengh. Once you get
that done you get a cannon and build up you strengh it might take a while, its a little bit exspensive. The most important thing you need is super monkey the strongest weapon in the game once you get him you will be set.

This game is about monkeys and its balloon poping madness. You go through levels to try to pop the balloons before they reach the end. You get ten points for ever balloon you pop and you can take those points and buy diffrent weapons. The weapons consist of Dart Monkey, Tack Shooter, Boomerang, Spike-o-pult, Cannon, Ice Ball, Monkey Beacon and SUPER MONKEY!!!! You also have 4 safety devices Road Spikes, Monkey Glue, Pineapple and THE SUPER MONKEY STORM!!! each of the weapons can be upgraded 4 times to increase range damage or weapon type. SUPER MONKEY ROCKS




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